Broke up with my girlfriend and I feel both sad and happy... Is this normal?

Long story short, we were together for 3 months, with the 4th month being a "break". Yes, I know... The first 3 months were really great... But then things changed. The reason for the break was because I had many personal issues piled up and we started getting into fights. Sometimes I overreacted but I always apologised after. Every time I tried to share somethng with her it seemed like she didn't want to listen sometimes. Before that she had a moment where she was confused about us (she got hurt really bad in her previous relationship) Anyway... We agreed to take a brake for a month to see if it can help fix things (it didn't). She denied my request to meet up before the brake to talk like adults. She went away on a holiday for 2 weeks with her family. We stayed in touch for a few days during the break (texting, video chatting) and then I decided that we should take real time apart and we agreed to meet when she's back. She was supposed to called me but never did, so I asked her if she wanted to meet with me on a certain day, she said she couldn't without suggesting another day and said that we'll talk "these days". I thought about everything that happened the past month and I decided that she no longer respects me or cares about me and that she isn't someone I want to be in a relationship with. I broke up with her yesterday and I told her not to contact me. I've blocked her number and on social media, I deleted all photos etc. The problem is that we work together, and we have mutual friends I'll be seeing her almost every day, even if it's briefly. I feel liberated for breaking up with her because the relationship was toxic and probably wasn't the time for her to be in a relationship and I respect myself too much to let it go on. Have you guys ever dated and broken up with a co-worker? How did you go on? I'm gonna be happy and smiling, because that's how I feel. I'm not gonna show that the breakup affects me negatively (although sometimes I'll be sad). Any advice?


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  • yeah it sounds normal as u got used to her


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