Ex problems and what should I do?

So my ex dumped me April 4th she's 27 and I'm 24 she started seeing another guy a week later. She also ran into me at the gym and asked me to kiss her and stupid me I kissed her then got emotional and begged a few days after that she's kept contact with me off and on and finding ways to make me answer when I became distant. Saying she needs to talk cause she's stressed or going to hurt herself also when she was at the hospital for 5 days she called and yes I responded all times. She has also run into me at the gym but now I go late because I always end up not having a good workout after I run into her. She has tried contacting me this past week and I haven't responded because I been busy healing myself. Yes I started doing no contact. She text hey last Monday I didn't respond. Then she said my name I didn't respond. Then she sent a mad text and I responded "it's nice to hear from her and that i was busy and would get back to her as soon as I can and to take care. Then she texted me midnight and asked if I was awake. I saw the message at work the next day. She also asked to please answer. And called me a ton of times. Then she sends me a pic of a mr yuck sticker on Friday then at that night she messages she gives up on being ignored. I responded a nice way and said I have been very busy with work and stuff and hope things are going well and to take care. Then she responded calling me a liar and why bother. Then I said maybe we can make arrangements to get together one day and talk and said if not I hope things get better and to stay strong. She hasn't responded. Deep down I do want her to open her eyes but I don't want to be friend zoned. I'm trying to make her miss me but now I'm afraid I messed up. What should I do and from a girls perspective why is she acting this way?


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  • She seems emotionally unstable and using you for emotional support. I would leave her alone. Nothing to feel bad about. This is one of those situations where its not you, its her.

    • Yes very true also I think she's just trying to get me to chase her again like before because I think she regrets as well but I'm gonna just brush it off and leave her be. She left me and wanted me gone. She has to understand she wants to talk to anyone talk to her new man.

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    • The solution isn't you. If a guy is what's going to make her happy, she will never really know how to be happy for herself. Once you break up again, she will go back to being unhappy. That is not healthy. She should focus on herself so she doesn't drag another guy down misery lane with her. Its not fair to you or anyone else.

    • This is true

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  • She dumped you, then opened her legs for another man.
    That is all that you need to know.
    Have you ever seen the way that a cat tortures a mouse, until the mouse dies of stress?
    That is what she is doing to you.
    Why? Female nature.
    Have a teaspoon of cement and harden up.
    You should be screwing a 20 year old anyway.


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