I spent 3 years with a women looked after her took her all over the world and paid lived with her for 2 years waited while she was at sea working for 6 months then she cheated on me at sea i forgave her, then she dumps me for calling her a slag... my reaction to holding it all in for 6 months I've been blocked on i message for asking to reconcile and i only get e mail contcat now if she even replys? what am i doing wrong I've pleaded and begged for 3 months and then stopped doing that but its like i was never even alive, she wears my promise ring which she let me put on her finger while she was cheating i wasn't aware until she told me some 5 months later about the cheating... am i a fool? why do i feel like the bad person every day i wake up for a women that vcheated on me then left me high and dry after all her promises and telling me she loved me? have i missed something?

no matter what i say and do there's no reaction to anything at all? I wouldn't mind she's never said she doesn't want to be with me and she came back after the fall out but then took off again 10 days later? I'm lost


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  • Let her go. This person does not truly care about you. You're just going to keep hurting yourself by trying to reach out to her. Find someone really special


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