Should I be hurt he isn't texting me?

Me and my ex broke up but are still talking. He said he "can't give me up", says he loves me, kisses me on the cheek/kisses me the first moment he sees me, and when we have sex it's really romantic, like "I love you/you're so beautiful" while we're together. Problem is he will be super sweet and make me miss him, but then he will disappear for a day or two and not contact me at all. Right now I'm not reaching out (I did last time) and seeing how long he can wait and not talk to me at all, but it still bothers me.

I'm confused because I want to be able to hook up with other people when he disappears like this, becuase we are not technically "together" but the way he is so emotional/in love around me makes me feel guilty for kissing anyone else, even though I'm not his girlfriend. Why does he act in love/talk about us being together again one day when I see him, then disappear and not text me for a while? Could he be testing me to see if I will reach out? I don't think he is using me for sex because how he acts around me, I know he still loves me.
Should I be hurt he isn't texting me?
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