I can't forget her?

three years a go i met a girl online and we used to talk a lot, we went for a relationship for one year then i broke up with her and it was my choice and still don't know why i made this stupid decision, she was the best girl i've ever met, however we remained friends but she said we can't be friends because she loves me so much, unfortunately i ignored her, after 8 mobths passed since we broke up she said she is giving up on me then left forever and I've totally lost contact with her, now its been 8months since i started regretting what i did and i can't even date another girl or do anything even studying because all I think about is her, i can't enjoy my life i tried to contact her but no chance because now i've no information about her only her name and the city she lives in, i am preparing to travel to that city next month but i am afraid i won't be able to find her because it seems pretty hard to find a person in that large city, knowing we won't talk again, this is the worst feeling ever, i never cried because of a girl but when i read her last messages to me and see her old pics tears come out automatically 😢 i can't move on and see my life without her so what do you think guys if i won't be able to talk to het again what should i do, i am really lost, my feelings for her won't fade and memories are killing me..


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  • this is waht happens when guys like you reject good girls ;) I'm not even sorry for you. But, if I were you, and if going to this city is the only way - go for it but know that 1. she might be already in a relationship 2. if she's not she could be over you anyway 3. if she's not then she could start to act like it's a payback time and try to make you into her slave in all ways girls make guys slaves: money, time, emotions etc. Are you into this :) Also, 8months is not that much ;) It's how long ago I broke up with a guy I loved a lot. I still miss him, but that was going nowhere, so... Always remember why you broke up or decided not to get involved into something in the first place. Sometimes it's not the person but our imaginations that we're missing ;)

    • i really miss her not Imagination and thanks for your participation but you didn't tell me what should i do if i won't be able to reach her i am really afraid 💔😢

    • do you have her family name? remember anything particular about her looks? Ask the people around etc. Eg go to a shop sh'es most likely to go. I once got in touch with my half sister - I left a small letter for her in a healhy food shop - we only had one such shop in the city of 85'ooo people and hundreds of tourists... I said she speaks with a funny accent and has long hair... It was all I needed :) Go to a night club or a popular bar - some people there might know her. Don't come off as a weird stalker, say you're looking for this girl but not like some psycho pedo, just a regular bloke who's trustworthy (I know a guy asking for a girl might be tougher than the other way round...) Start with this anyway :)) Also - facebook, online media? :) Look at the social events in her area and who clickes a like on it- maybe she's one of those people? Good luck :)

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  • It's your fault foo. I know you don't wanna hear it but it's true. I once had a online girlfriend and when we broke up I felt like it was the most fucking stupid thing I ever did

    • i didn't ubderstand, do you regret that you broke up with her or what?
      thanks in advance

    • No I regret that I ever had an online relationship

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