Me and my ex just broke up again I just don't know what to do?

I just broke up with my ex girlfriend Karen for the second time. First of all she is a broken girl she's been through hell in life much bigger than me things I can't say here and she has a very very overprotective mother who doesn't let her go out at all and calls her whenever she is out. She doesn't like going out to parties or hanging with people other than me and her best friend. The first time we dated I had just been cheated on by my ex girlfriend but I didn't really care cause I liked her. So in the summer of 2014 we started dating but she went to Cali for vacation for the first months of our relationship then we started college and I still barely saw her. We dated for 7 months then she ended it cause she didn't want to drag me along when she knew she didn't have time for me because her mother had just broken her arm and couldn't be alone so it wasn't fair for her to keep me around. She texted me about three times in between the two years we were apart asking me out to lunch but we never got to it because I didn't want to see her I was just too hurt. Then in the summer of 2016 came around and we started talking again, we got closer than ever and started dating in September of that year. This time it was amazing we were finally seeing each other regularly and everything was just great but then once 2017 started we both got a new job and college interfered so we just couldn't find the time to see each other and all we were doing was fighting so a couple of months later she broke up with me cause she felt it was just happening again and she felt overwhelmed, depressed and felt like she was hurting me too much. She loves me and I love her but it just feels like we just can't get the timing right we still talk everyday, all day and I want her back what do I do?


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  • Sounds like it wasn't meant to be bud. She seems like she needs to figure herself out before she figures a relationship out.


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  • This is so long omg can somebody like this so i can find and read it later?

    • I think if she loves you, she can make some free time for you, you should get over her i guess

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