How should I handle my baby daddy?

My ex left me when I was pregnant for another girl. I delivered our twins at 37 weeks he told me he ended the relationship, he told me about drugs and other things she has done.. he promised the relationship was over with her so I let him move back in with me, the same day we brought our babies home from the hospital he got back together with the girl.. I gave him a ultimatum and if he was to be with her he neeeded to leave my house. Well he then started trying to boss me around saying I can't take my babies outside the house and just being confrontational, I told him he needed to leave. His mom obtained his belongings.. now I'm not sure what to do, not only is he confessing his love for her and rubbing it in my face when right before they got together he was telling me how much he loved me and our family, but I'm questioning if he's using again, the day I picked him up to deliver the babies he showed every sign of drug use.. now that he's out of the house I want to give him the cold shoulder as he did to me the last month of my pregnancy, he's ruined this expierence for me and I don't want him to make me sad any further.. is it okay if ignore him for awhile or is that wrong? He says he love the babies but since they got back together he's showed less interest in them except with others are around... sorry for the rambling


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  • Drop him like a two ton brick. If he can't sober up and make descisions like a grown man, you don't need him. It will be tough on your own, but you can't use desperation to suck yourself into a sticky situation. I'd tell him that you expect his child support checks to be coming in.

    If you don't want to mess around trying to get an answer from him, ask his parents. Personally, I feel that boy needs to learn responsibility.
    If you just want to give him the cold shoulder, that works to...


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  • Say good riddance, don't make him your problem or headache. He's the father of your children, yes, but no need to let him drag you down. I'm sorry you had this experience


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