His friend is asking about me?

Long story short. I though I like a guy, but didn't once I hang out more with him. He never ask for my number, we never talked we did thanks to his friend.

Now. His friend is asking if I like him. Ik the answer Is no. But is just so childish that he would get his friend to talk to me at all times. Anyways I have no idea what to tell him since is all in text and with a third person in the middle.


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  • Say that third person to fuck off..
    And say him that if he likes me then he will do the talking. He wants to be with me then its his responsibility to talk. Why th hell do u poke ur nose between? And if something work out then r u always going to come in between? Even on wedding night?
    Say this to him strictly. I hope he doesn't bother u more.


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