Is his new relationship a rebound?

We broke up 2 months ago, stayed friends, he told me he misses me, misses my hugs, wanted to have sex with me again, and wanted to meet up, even offered to buy me drinks. Then the next day he got with some girl who he told me they're just friends and she's not his type anyhow. He turned on me, sent me pictures of them together.. then he blocked me from messaging him but didn't block my whole facebook.. so i can still see his facebook page. And he changed his profile picture to them two.
It seems as though he's using his relationship as a way to make me jealous.. but im not 100% sure.


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  • I dont think he is doing this to make you jealous. Why would he make you jealous? I think u were his hookup material. But now he find either found true love or found another hook up. He hasn't completely blocked you because you might be his backup plan. Thats what I think. He said that he wanted to have sex with u. He was wanted to be intimate with u not to share Love feelings.

    • We were together for over a year.. been through a lot and i was happy staying friends. If he didn't care he would just block me completely.. thats what i believe. But I've blocked him.😏 So im assuming that will piss him off.
      My mate (without me knowing till she told me a few days after) messaged him saying how happy i am without him, and thats true. But its annoying how he kept sending me photos of them... If he didn't wanna make me jealous, he wouldn't of done that, right?

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    • there's no chance in hell I've ever get back with him. He lost something amazing, and that was his choice. And one day he'll kick himself for treating me like shit. And I'll be laughing at him, with my future partner.(:

    • Yosh Yosh👍👍
      All the best for that. I hope u find a good partner who will always stay by ur side...😊😊

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  • Get ris of him. Start no contact and move on. He has moved on and any guy who wanted you back would not be going through these measures to do it. I mean seriously, the guy has his new girlfriend on social media and then he blocks you. Dont put yourself through the stress and heartache.

    • Haven't spoke to him for days.. and i don't intend to.. or want to for that matter. He's a waste of space tbh. Its just strange how he didn't fully block me.. if he didn't want me to see anything he would of just blocked me completely. Unless he wants to check up on me?😂 guys freak out when their ex moves on to someone else.. but its ok for him to.. and plaster it everywhere.

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  • it sounds the same way to me maybe thought he wanted u at first but then the first thing to come around changed his mind... maybe trying to see if making u jealous will make u say something

    • Thats what i thought. I honestly couldn't care less.. especially when his mates have told me im way better than her. Even his best mate said i can do better.. what does that tell me about my ex ey? He's a prick.(:

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    • Picture of who? Me or her?😂

    • im sure just a picture of u would win my judgement but its up to you

  • he block you, sow he doesn't care about you. he's not trying too make you jealous

    • Just on messenger though? Its like he's wanting me to see his profile etc.. if he didn't care why didn't he block me completely?

    • maybe he just forgot about blocking you in there.
      tbh block him too, that's gonna help you a lot

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