Need clarity if this guy was "cheating" or just lost interest?

met a guy about 4 months ago who, after about a month wanted to make it exclusive. I thought about how much we have in common and how I enjoyed spending time with him and happily agreed. He was very excited to share/post pics, me to meet his friends\parents. He told me he had gotten out of relationship, a little over a year before we met. He was cheated on. But he said he was ready for a commitment and had been on a year of dates/hook ups. Everything's fine the first 3 months, we even went on a trip about a month ago. Then about two weeks after, he began sounding uninterested on the phone and dodged my question if everything was O. K. He claimed it was work. Gradually he wanted to stop hanging out, claimed he was busy but wanted to balance work and me. I felt something was wrong but I didn't push any questions. Within the last 2-3 weeks, he had invited me to a friends bday but I was unable to attend. We texted and hung out after, where I even address him being busy, stating I missed seeing him. He's just busy he says. I shrugged it off until that weekend he didn't invite me up to visit friends. Finally I texted him asking if he wanted to end things and he agreed. He claims he wants to focus on himself and swears there wasn't/won't be anyone else. I asked if he met anyone while visiting friends (twice) and he said no. I wanted to talk in person but he said it wouldn't be healthy. We went a week without talking, and it felt as if I lost a friend. I texted him again about meeting up and he agreed. Until that day came and he said he didn't think there was anything else to say. He said he started seeing me more as a friend/wanted to focus on himself and his entrepreneurial goals. He wants to be friends but has only snapped me a couple times and texted once. Had a convo over the course of 1 day and then nothing. I met him on tinder and reinstalled to find he was back on with recent pics we took. I'm dwelling because I feel the obvious answer is he just lost interest


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  • Surely he has someone else in his life or he hs lost intrest in u... best thing is to move onn


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  • In my opinion, if someone really wants to be with you they'll make an effort , not an excuse. If someone doesn't MAKE time for you out of their busy schedule it clarifies your position in their life. People make time for those they care about and want in their life

    I think he just wants to" play the field"rather than be committed to one girl.

    Personally, I'd distance myself from him. He's not even reaching a hand of friendship out to you. I'd move on from him. Just make sure you don't hold onto a guy who has already let you go. Don't keep questioning " why" he didn't want to be with you anymore , coz it'll be more painful for you, and prevent you from moving on. Sometimes you never get answers , you just have to accept it's over and move forward

    This quote by Tupac is so true:

    • Yeah, this should be a clear sign to me too but it's still fresh. I appreciate your opinion, I have to face fact. Thank you

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  • Thats bs. Sounds like he lost interest in you. There are millions of men who can balance a relationship with work.

    • Thank you for the honesty. Exactly. It was a cop out.

  • I understand. He don't deserve u. U have tried and still here asking for answers. He couldn't make it cz he didn't wanted to. weather he lost interest or cheating, he should clarify it to u. Whatever happened, forgive him and move on. There are many guys waiting for such loving girl like u. This guy don't deserve ur love.


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