Can it be real love?

My ex left me after two years for another girl, I was also pregnant with his twins at the time.. two weeks before their relationship started he was telling me how much he loved me and was devoted to our family and would move anywhere with me... now he's telling this girl how much he loves her and she's his forever.. he is also starting to find it necessary to tell me how much he loves her.. it's only been a month, is it possible to developed so much love in such short amount of time?

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  • I guess so. It's happened to me, too. I mean, not myself, but an ex girlfriend, who also in return treated me literally in a week like a stranger lmao

    The other possibility is these people don't know what the actual fck they feel or want :o Confused, therefore we get stuff like this. Maybe they're so good at it, even they believe themselves all the time. I don't know

    • Makes swipe seem.. drugs have been involved too so it would make sense if they don't know what's going on

    • oh if there was drugs involved, itd make it easier to explain. not that withoum em such assholes or bxtchez dont do what they were gonna anyway...

      also reading the rest of the comments, it's only too familiar.. the ex did/is doing the same thing to me. playing games and hurting on purpose... when confronted about it cuz you see whats up, always denying, like they dont know what they're doing... either they're retarded or masters at this :///

      but yea, it's not real love in my opinion

    • I agree to be cruel for no reason mixed with drugs would explain everything

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  • wow he's such an asshole. no he doesn't love her and even if he does I hope she leaves him in the same way he did this to u


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What Guys Said 4

  • Im Thinking of him as a playboy... did he came back after you got childrens out of your belly? (Ahem sorry to be rude bad english) if it so then he cameback for your body...

    • If he started chasing the other girl then she has a good body as well...

    • He broke up with her during the delivery and the first five days of our babies life's but quickly changed when we returned from our hospital stay it of town

  • Why an jerk would do such a thing to cute woman. Sue him!

  • he just want you off his ass.. sue him..

  • hello


What Girls Said 1

  • It's possible, but it seems like he's just going out of his way to hurt you more.

    • Do you know that song " love stinks "

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    • That's how I feel about it too.. he purposely wants to hurt me.. he's done that before and said that it was too hurt me

    • Sorry, I like to make people laugh when they are sad.

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