What are you doing in this condition?

you lived with your parents, and you married, now after some days your wife has facing problem with your parents, she wants to separate home , for her and you , but your perents wants to happy and they are agree with all yours decision!! what should you do?
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  • Depends what the disagreement is over but generally it should be with your wife. Any decisions that impact you as a couple should be made between the two of you. Not with your parents

  • I'd move out with my husband. He's the one I'm building a life, a future with. It would be unfair to expect him to stay in my parents home if he was unhappy there , and it would be wrong to expect him to leave on his own.

    I'd arrange for us to move out, together , but I'd let my parents know it's the best for all of us. I'd still continue my relationship with my parents. It wouldn't affect our relationship in anyway. It's not healthy for a married couple to live in with parents

    I love my mum and my boyfriends parents, but I could never move in with them. I like to have my own home, and be independent. I love having my own responsibilities.


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