How to give up on someone?

I think I am about to give up but I still feel sad whan he talk about other girls. Is that normal?


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  • of course it is normal. Best is to avoid him completely. Dont go to places, where you might see him. Unfollow on fb, and other social medias.

    • He is in the same class with me. He is my classmate

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    • I mostly try to ignore thme but for some reason he gets close to me I mean he came the places where me and my friends are with his friends

    • That's sad. Best is to leave when he gets there. It may take a while but after some time, you might not care of his presence. All the best. Hope it goes easy on you.

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  • I've gone through that. That's totally normal.


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  • When you truly feel like you will give up on him you won't need to ask anyone how to do it. And yes it's normal to feel sad when he talks about other girls, means you still like him.


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