We broke up because he doesn't see a future with me yet when we see each other he tells me he loves me and cries?

Dated a guy for 5 months, our relationship started when everything was going to shit for him, fast forward to his life getting better and all of a sudden he doesn't see a future with me, he has no time for me and puts others first. But he still wanted to stay friends
I saw him last night, after I ignored him for 5 days, and when we hugged he started to cry. He kept apologizing and saying he loves me.
Yes, we had sex and while we were he took my phone to check if I was messing with someone else (which I'm not) when I told him he shouldn't do that he said "Idc who you're talking to but i wanna know if you're messing with someone else"
Anyways he'll ask stuff like "are you over me" "do you still want to be with me" and then he'll hug me and cuddle me and cry more (idk why he cries)
At the end of the night I asked him if he still wanted to be with me and he said "idk I have a lot to do and I know we won't always be good like we are right now" which I don't know if he meant it as no and just didn't want to "hurt" me by saying so.
When he left he hugged me, told me he loved and even kissed me. I'm just confused!
okay so maybe he's not ready for commitment but why say you love me and cry and still not want soemthing with me?
Not to mention he admitted last night to checking on my social media every day.


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  • If the man is brought to tears, he cares, trust me.


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  • If he truly loves you then he would put you first. It sounds like he had a weak moment and missed the physical intimacy but regretted it the next day. He may also still have some possessive feelings regarding you, hence why he asks if you're over him, and why he apparently checks your social media. It's also possible that it's hard for him to let you go since you were there during a difficult time in his life and are a source of comfort/companionship and although he doesn't see a future with you he may not be willing to give up that feeling of comfort/companionship.

    Honestly, if he doesn't see a future with you and prioritizes others above you, you really should move on. He is stuck, unable to fully move forward but not willing to go back and give the relationship a chance, don't be stuck in a weird limbo like him, just move on.


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