How do I get my ex back?

he dumped me about a month ago because i got jealous of a girl he was getting too friendly with so i acted rude to him the next day then he dumped me. he said he stopped loving me because i do the same things again and again and its frustrating to him. he texted me later to clean up a bit so were on good terms but recently he's been texting me every few days instead of every day and he doesn't hold a conversation for more than a few minutes. we used to smile at each other in passing but he hasn't looked at me in a while. he hasn't gotten someone else and he was really pushing me to move on and get someone else. whenever i talk to his friends i can see him watching me slightly but he ignores me after. i get mixed signals from him because sometimes i feel like he still cares (texting me for stupid reasons, looking worried if i get hurt, mentioning me then cutting himself off) but i also feel like he genuinely doesn't care (long periods between texts, no response to jokes, never finishing conversations, ignoring me now, he doesn't look sad at all) i really have changed a lot and improved my flaws that ended the relationship but this is the second time he dumped me (first was kinda unrelated) and I just know that if he came back then we could make things work this time. if i express any love to him i know he will get mad, tell me to find someone else and block me. what do i do :(


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