Ex unblocked me on facebook - does it mean anything?

So basically it's been almost a year since we started dating and about 9 months since we broke up. We ended things on fairly friendly terms, no cheating or fights on either side, just decided it wasn't working out as well, that sort of thing, nothing too special. A few days after the break up I noticed he blocked me on facebook, I thought "okay, that's fine, he doesn't want me stalking him or whatever".
A few days ago I noticed in my facebook app that he was showing up in the contacts list, which was a bit surprising, since I was supposed to be blocked. To be completely honest, being a tad curious I did go snooping a bit about a month or two ago and found that I was still blocked at that time, which seemed normal - hasn't unblocked me since - cool, neither of us can stalk, moving on with our lives, blah blah blah. But now it's been 9 months and he decided to unblock me. Why now? What's even the point of unblocking me at this point?
Ex unblocked me on facebook - does it mean anything?
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