I think she's trying to hint she wants me back?

My ex broke up with me April 4th our anniversary was April 14 and we were off and on speaking she was also seeing a guy a week after leaving me. But the past week she has been blowing me up begging me to answer. And last night she sent me these texts
9:35 pm "Hey r u able to talk"
12:45 am 1"I've done a lot of thinking and there are things I have to say to you."
2"Things I have to let you know"
3"Things you should've heard and been hearing"
I replied at 8 this morning told her I was sleeping and asked what she meant.
Still no reply.


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  • Sounds like a headache to be honest.
    before anything I suggest you ask yourself what was the reason you broke up in the first place, then take it from there...


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