Does she want me back? Is she playing mind game? Does she want my attention?

She broke up with me after this guy kissed her. I begged for her to stay and it seemed really desperate... which it was then later the next day i got drunk and did the same thing. Then called her the next day and she was very cold and said she wasn't mentally healthy for a relationship. Which i understand. Then a few hours after we got along well. She sent me hearts and goodnight messages for the next 2 days then Friday came and she got irritable at me again so i started getting frustrated and started being irritable and started asking her what was so wrong about us. She said she didn't want to think of our relationship. Then said sorry and we didn't talk after. She sent me a streak in the morning that i didn't reply to until afternoon cuz i had gotten high to avoid my problems. She said she wanted to mess around with other people and it all just seemed very spiteful and it just seems like she said that to see my reaction and to be self destructive because she has slept around before and always stresses about how shitty it makes her feel. She tried pushing mom away the same day. And we argued and she blocked me on instagram snapchat and facebook. During the few days not talking i noticed i kept getting signed out of my snapchat and that most likely means she was signing into it. Saw how good i was doing and messaged me on instagram to delete our pictures off my account even though she hadn't done it on hers yet. I still didn't answer so she called me twice then said she wanted to apologize and meet up on the weekend to talk then she blocked me completely then i dmd her and asked what she wanted to talk about she said it doesn't matter now. I told her it does to me and she shouldn't go without saying everything she has to. She said if she can go a few days without saying it then she can go a lifetime. So i said if that's what you want.. if you change your mind then you know how to get in contact with me. Is she playing mind games with me?


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  • Don't get back together with her. She sounds immature. Move on and leave her negativity behind.


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  • yo fuck that bishh bro. sjes mind fucking u raw. she's not healthy for u man


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