Hurt, confused, betrayed, what should I do?

My boyfriend broke up with me for being concerned about his wellbeing. (I didn't hear from him throughout the entire day, so I texted & called him because I was worried).

He disrespected me for trying to figure out why he was breaking up with me & why he wouldn't talk to me stating "I am clingy, I shouldn't have kept texting him (I only texted him 3x times) & to leave him the f alone".

I am left hurt & confused because I just found out he is currently with somebody else. In the past he has cheated & verbally/mentally abused me, but this time it is taking me longer to get over him and I am in tears.

I asked him over and over why does he continue to hurt me and he leaves then returns weeks later. I am trying to understand him but I don't get why would a person that claims that they love constantly betray you.

Hurt, confused, betrayed, what should I do?
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