Mean and Insulting Ex?

My ex is insulting, rude, and difficult. We have a son together and unless we are casually together he doesn't see our son. I do everything and he acts life Peter Pan. How do I deal with him?


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  • is he the one who buys clothes, food and all for you? look, if he doesn't want nothing to do with you or your child let him go. you don't deserve to be treated like shit and stop treating him like God. concentration must be with your kid and yourself. you deserve more than him. I am sure you can be happy without him

    • Well said!!! He gives child support and nothing more. I am happy without him. He is mean as a snake to me. It is awful when he texts mean mean bs.

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    • he's a syco. forget him. it shows that he's worth nothing because I don't see what you've done wrong for him to insult you. what a man disrespect a single mother !! don't worry about it. if he wants to see the child he'll come around if he doesn't come don't stress. he's the one responsible for his mistakes and at least your kid will know that you've always been there for him while he was there doing whatever God knows

    • Amen!!

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  • People are just weird sometimes, this may be his attitude until a situation he cannot control. Act like a child. Sorry to hear you have to deal with this situation. I cannot put myself into the feelings you have.

    Hold on, if you see him getting worse with you, you may escalate it to the authorities

    • If we are casually seeing each other then he sees our son but I snoop and am nosy so he got mad and that was a month ago. He uses that as a reason to stop seeing me and our son. He is right that I should respect his privacy. But I didn't see anything or read anything at all. Now he stays away.

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    • I have a child with him and we talked marriage. But he is a selfish person and doesn't want marriage and commitment. I can't look at a donkey and picture a stallion. It's got to come from me.

    • Since you can't, just don't. I will be better, hope you do good and that your child will be okey. Good luck!

  • you might want to think about getting some better people in your life

    • I have a new boyfriend and he is wonderful. Just have to address the baby daddy :(

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    • I like that and I will no longer engage.

    • that is probably for the best. Both for you and your child

  • Only choice is to get complete custody, but if he's a psycho, it won't guarantee peace...

    • Best way. Court date next week and that is my plan.

    • Good luck!

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