Getting over an Ex?

How do I get over my ex boyfriend? He is a total jerk to me and wants nothing to do with me. Then he gets drunk and drunk dials and says he needs me and it's so hard. I have a new man who is wonderful. I want this fresh start and have to put the past behind me. What are some good strategies? We have a kid together so I can go no contact completely from my ex. I deserve happiness with my new man. I don't want to mess it up.


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  • When he drunk text you or calls he's also calling other girls. But you are most likely to give it up. Just be there for the kid don't go out on family days with him and the kid you have time with your kid and he does his time. You don't want to lose a good man over the past. Only keep text and calls regarding the kid don't go rushing if he has a flat or needs something.

    • Right. Why is he insulting me and being mean? He has gotten worse since our last break up.

    • We aren't having sex and I am not going back to him.

    • He's doing that because he's realizing that he lost a good girl. And doesn't want to see you happy with anyone else. "He's on the I can date and have sex with other girls but you need to be loyal to me even if we aren't together shit". Yeah don't have sex with him at all. If you need sex go with your new man

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  • You should block him from your life.


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  • Your new partner should be in the loop He obviously is aware about him share your cocerns Honesty is the best policy Don't use the child as weapon Unless your Child is at risk in his care Or doesn't want to go Write your X a letter that if he doesn't stop contacting you unless it is to do with the Child then you will be false to report him for harassment x

    • My new man was here for me during my pregnancy an kniws the whole story. We want a fresh start. The ex is bad news. Thanks for the advice!! I really appreciate it:)

    • it's OK I have been through this myself as being the 2nd man Also there from birth of one of his children But as long as you talk to each other and are always honest then it doesn't matter what you X does You have moved on and has to accept this and will only do this by you being strong and consistent that he must only contact you when it's about the child Unfortunately X is the Dad but with luck he might walk away Get things legally tied up as regards to access or supervised contact

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