Should I stay friends with my ex who used to be my best friend?

We used to be really close friends, but after I asked her out everything changed. We became distant and never could become close again. Its been over 4 months and we are making no progress in staying friends.

The last time I saw her she sat next to me and asked me to be her partner in a game of ping pong, but when I was acting like myself she would shoot me dirty looks and she would be bitchy towards me. A week later she text me saying our song was on the radio and I just said oh cool an hour later because I was with my friends. And she got mad at me because she wanted me to "say something interesting". She also lets girls on her b ball team text me saying she wants me in a sexual way so I blew up on her for letting them do that.

I have been p*ssed off the last 4 times I have talked to her and I think its time I just walk out of her life and not let her into my life anymore. She has very few friends and is constantly busy. If I stay she will have someone to call a friend because she still calls me her best friend. If I leave then I will be happier and will prob not miss her. What should I do?


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  • i think she still want you. sit down and try to talk to her about things.

    if no luck. that's her own fault. but warn her.

    Remind her about your guys' friendship and tell her if she cares about it. she needs to stop acting so childish.

  • She sounds like an interesting person...why not make an effort to be a friend? Ask her why she is so emotionally unpredictable. There are reasons. Maybe she needs help. Maybe YOU can help her.

    I wouldn't just walk away.

    • Ive made an effort to be her friend since we broke up, but she won't let me get close to her. I feel like she is using me and I hate being used.

    • Maybe you're trying too hard. Take it easy, just be a friend for a while.

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