People what do you think the attitude of this woman?

There is this guy at work who got separated from his wife 4 mos ago, he asked her for the divorce and she does not want to give him the divorce. The wife cheated on him and he caught her and still does not want to give him the divorce. But it seems the lady now can't stand not beign with him so this woman now wants him back at all cost. The wife has sent to her husband workplace in several occasions after he separated from her , flowers arrangements, balloon arrangements and all his coworkers tease and joke with him when they see him carrying an arrangement that was delivered at to work..

Why women act like this when they are the responsible for the separation? I mean really now she wants her husband back after she cheated on him and she was caught?

In this particular case of this guy isn't his wife ridiculous for sending him flowers to her husband at work to ask for forgiveness?

Guys if you were in his shoes what would you think of this wife?
Girls Would you do something like this to your husband if it happened to you?

I also found out that the latest arrangement was a rose arrangement with 15 red roses and one white rose, according to this coworker the number 15 is because he soon would hadl celebrated 15 years of marriage and the white rose is for a peace offering..


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  • this woman wants her husband back.. I would have divorced her..

    • Of course she wants her husband back that is why she is sending him that stuff to win him back after her infidelity and he caught her

    • don't worry about them.. they will find a way..

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