How to act or what to say?

I dated a guy from another country i visit every Christmas for 3 months
For me even though it was short i also took it a bit serious since we've been knowing each other our entire lives and we've always have had a connection

unfortunately, for him - the story was different.
i was just a rebound because a month after we broke up he started going to dinners with his ex and her family again. It was no surprise to me since all he did in our relationship was talk about her, hang out with her , talk to her and compare me to her
it was crappy situation.
the point is - in about 6 months i'll be seeing him again - everyday for three whole weeks...
i dont know how should i act around him or what to say to him since he'll most likely will try to talk to me to at least regain a part of the friendship we had
i know by that point in 6 months im going to be already moved on and maybe already have forgiven him.
but im scared once seeing him and maybe with her , all the hurt will just come back


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What Guys Said 1

  • Do you really need to see him?

    he's he like... a cousin of a cousin or something like that you can't avoid during christmas?

    Can you use your time to create other friendships around the place?


What Girls Said 1

  • Why on earth do you even want to meet him?


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