Girls, how do I get her back?

I dated this girl, love of my life. we were together for a long time but we were young. I let stupid things get in the way. I broke up with her, and immediately did everything I could to get her back. I had carved our names into a tree, and I drove to that tree ( 4 hours both ways) cut it out brought it to her and a number of other things, flowers, I bought tickets to Nashville (she always wanted to go their). it's now two years down the road we have had limited contact in the meantime but I still think about her every single day. I still love her. her biggest issue with me was how much I lied (which I did at the start but I stopped but because she didn't have trust she always thought I was lying.) I know she's seeing some other dude. I think she's happy with him. so my question is three parts, 1. how do I get her back if it's possible 2. how would i gain her trust back and 3. would it be selfish of me to try.


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  • 1 most likely not possible 2 Be her freind and flirt every once in a while 3 No not selfish kind of sweet actually. I hope you either get her soon or move on.

  • well i am going to answer your questions but not in order though. lets start with number 2. you will never get her trust back trust is one of the two things i think you can never get back from someone so she will never trust u again. 3. yes u are being selfish cause your now realizing what you had and want it back but u can't. and 1. man honestly you should let her go and let this be a lesson for you to know what you got and hold on to it. even if you did get her back like i said that trust is going to be a problem especially for her


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