Why would a guy that you knew for 6 years just up and leave without a word?

i was involved with a guy on and off for 6 years and after a slight argument, he left never to be seen again. this was over 8 years ago and my ego is still bruised and I'm still hurting. it was a love match or anything, but I would have thought that he had a little more regard for me than that. I could see a one night stand disappearing on you but not someone you knew for that long. his actions were the straw that broke the camels back. I have not been involved with or had sex with anyone since him. not because I can't get over him but because I'm tired of taking chances and being hurt and disappointed. I feel that guys have ruined the self esteem and confidence that I used to have and try as I might, I just can't get it back.


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  • Sometimes guys are so selfish that they don't even bother to think of how they have affected someone else. I would say start going to the gym or running to get your mind off of the way that he made you feel,once you start feeling better about your self esteme will get a boost as well seems to me like he damaged it quite a bit trust me I understand but once you start feeling like you are worth a good guy you will get one. I too have had trouble letting myself go with guys but I tell myself everyday that they are not the same and I know that one day I will find a guy that's good for me and my son he will probably not be perfect but I do believe there is no such thing.

    • Not only did this guy ruin my self esteem but it's been the actions of many guys over the years that did it. it makes me mad that I've let them affect me this much but I'm not one who can brush things off very easily. I do work out regularly and that helps me to feel a bit better about myself and while I know I deserve a good guy, I just don't think it will happen for me.

    • It will just keep your head up

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  • there are rare instances of people that do not like fights, period...and one fight will be justification to end a relationship, regardless of how much time was invested in it...these types of people are not to be dated because they give up so easily


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