What can I do to stop my ex-girlfriend from beating my girlfriend?

I want someone to help me out my ex-girlfriend has made my life difficult. On Friday I went out with my girlfriend and we met in the same disco.

She followed my girlfriend to the wash room and beat her up.

She doesn't want me and she doesn't me to have any girlfriend .

Last time she threatened another girl she left me again she has beaten this one. What can I do because she doesn't me and I don't want her too but she can't give me freedom to have a friend

what can I do ?


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  • I was about to say the same thing, then saw he said it already lol.

    Call the cops on this nut job. How can you not know what to do? This isn't primary school for people to go around beating each other up and making each others lives miserable. Call the cops on the nut job, and tell her to stop being so pathetic and grow up. (coming from a 17 year old)


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  • this isn't complicated.

    Tell the police.

  • Get a restraining order. She's physically harming your GF. She's a psycho bitch that can't get over the fact that she's old news.

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