Why is he rejecting my calls after he broke up with me for no reason?

Well, we've been in long term relationship for over than 6 years. We got engaged this year.We are from another countries, but we see each other every 5 months, and every day seeing on msn by web cam. In one or two years we planed to get marry, I wanted to move in his country. All was great. Yes we had some fights before but it all was in some hand unimportant, because I like to see some small details and he is a bit jealous and conservative.7 days ago we had to see each other on msn like every time we did at 8 pm, and he was late 3 hours. Sure I wanted to ask him about why is he late, but I decided to play cool. He came and asked me ''what do you want?''. And his face was sooo mad on me. This treated me and I asked him ''What do you want?''. Word by word he told me ''I do not care more for you, die or not die, we are over''. And he was off line. I was thinking maybe he was just nervous about his work, and he''ll call to apologize. I've been waiting 5 days, and than I called him. He rejected my calls, he is not coming on line, when I call him he rejects the call and after he switches the phone off. Also happened that he made his home telephone on busy line if I call to find him. I'm so hurt, I do not know where I am. He didn't have real reason, no betraying, no lies. It seems that our 6 years and engagement mean nothing to him. I won't call him any more. But I can't accept what is happening, I know I should too. I hope he will tun back to me. Please help! :'(


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  • before the break up, how often were you communicating? this may be the problem if it wasn't every day

    • Every day,but really every day several hours ....

    • So nothing wrong there...what about his jealousy issue, can you explain there? this may be something that probably drove him over the cliff with his "what do you want?"

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