We ain't compatible?

Me and my ex broke up recently and well I still miss her loads and she looks like she cares aswell as she said the breakup has been harder on her than she thought it would be. She says we're not compatible? We both are finding it hard and we're gonna see each other one last time to say goodbye before cutting all contact. Is it the right thing to do? Love someone and let them go?


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  • why did you broke up like for real? a reason?

    • Well she broke up with me she said we argue a lot. I wouldn't call them arguments just disagreeing without any heat. She also said that it wasn't a future she can see

    • i feel like it was just an excuse :/ i mean that's nothing sort of reason for breaking up

      but if you still love her tell her, if she said that you need one last "date" then it's probably a chance for you to say no and don't give her up yet, so in my opinion just tell her that you love her and don't want to break up etc. if that's not working either then it's time to move on bro :/

    • Yeah i was thinking that. If she wants me out her life I'll let her go. People who want to stay, stay

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  • She said it right there mate not compatible! Don't see the point in getting together one last time for what more heartbreak?


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