Does the no contact rule apply if your ex broke up because of deperession?

so my ex broke up with me last week because he is depressed and he felt he needed time to feel himself again. He is currently taking medication and having counselling sessions and prior to us breaking up I tried my best to be there for him but it did but a lot of strain on our relationship. He said that he cares for me an awful lot and feels it would be bad of him to be with someone he cares about and take them through a time when he can't give enough in the relationship. I haven't spoken to him for just over a week now. I did say before we last spoke if he needed me I am here for him but said I need space to as it upset me a lot and obviously I still have feelings for him however was less inclined to contact him to see if he was okay after he did break up with me in there first place.

anyway does the no contact rule apply in this situation if he's depressed? Do you think he will contact me? Should I contact him after a couple of weeks just to see if he's okay in terms of his depression to show I do still care? Or should I just not contact him at all like any other break up? Thoughts please x


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  • Don't apply no contact, even if you want him back, it can make him feel even worse. Just text him from time to time to see how is he doing, if he needs something, etc,... Be kind and respect him if he tells you that he wants to be alone. In the end he can be like "Oh, she was there all the time for me, blah blah blah." Just don't force him to talking with you if he's not feeling like it. Hope he gets better and it will work out in between you again.

    • Well said. I was going to post something similar but you said about what I was going to post anyway.

    • Thanks for your reply, well it's been a week so I'm not sure whether to wait a bit longer or message him sooner? In a ideal situation I would of wanted it to work between us so didn't want us to break up - it's just his depression that made it difficult. However I don't want to come across needy with either. At the end Of the day he broke up with me so I don't want to then come across too strong if you get me. But I think your suggesting to message him soon? How long should I wait until I do? Thanks

    • Once, twice every week, don't expect some great conversation, maybe he will tell you to leave him alone, but just ask him how is he doing, if he needs something. Show him that you're here for him.

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  • if he's depressed, he most likely will feel alone, worthless, unwanted, etc.
    you should definitely contact him to see if he's okay, if he asks for more time, give him a few days and see how he is again.
    after it's all said and done, you'd feel so awful if you didn't contact him whilst he felt like this.

    • Thanks for your response, yeah well this is what I was thinking but at the same time I don't want to come across needy and he did break up with me so right now I'm naturally feeling more sad and a bit let down. So I'm not sure when I should message him? Is been just over a week - would you wait a few more weeks? Or do it sooner? Thanks

    • i think regardless of the situation, you both would still care about eachother
      i'm sorry you feel that way
      i would definitely message him sooner

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  • wtf there's no such rule?


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  • I think you should contact him, let him know that you still think of him and hope that he's ok. Don't ask him any questions or expect a reply just send it to let him know there's no resentment

    • Thanks for your reply, when do you think I should message him? It's been about a week so should I leave it a couple more to give him some space? I don't want to come across needy and desperate but in this situation I feel like he's feeling very vulnerable and alone

    • I'd say a week is long enough, the best thing to do is just do what feels right for you

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