Ex boyfriend is confusing the hell out of me. Help?

Okay, so this was a while ago (I am over him now, thank god) but a few months ago my ex and I started talking again (over Facebook because he moved across the country) and before this I was one of those crazy exes. So, when he started talking to me again I figured I'd play it cool and try not to talk to him every five minutes. We started talking one night and he kept going on about how he didn't know why he broke up with me and how sorry he is. He sounded exactly like he did when we were dating. After that I left him alone for a few days (Which isn't normal for me, usually I'd start talking to him whenever he came on, I know how annoying that sounds). I come back on a few days later and he starts talking to me. So, I figure I might as well be friendly.. and I ask him how he is. He totally flips out and tells me he's just DAMN GREAT and that this girl in his class likes him and blah blah blah. And we get into this huge fight.

..A few nights before this huge fight he told me he was coming back home and he wanted to see me. I asked him why and he wouldn't answer.

..So, during this fight I'm just like "What's your problem? Why are you freaking out and why did you tell me you wanted to see me?" And he just keeps going on and on about him being over me and la di da di da.. (Pause for a sec: When he broke up with me he told me he left cause he was using me because he was lonely cause his ex girlfriend f***ed him up pretty bad).

So.. I'm just wondering.. was he freaking out because I wasn't acting like my usual clingy self? Or was he trying to make me jealous? OR.. am I just crazy?

Guys please answer. Girls can answer too.


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  • He is trying to play the control card. Your not crazy you did nothing wrong I assure you.

    Look those guys are crazy. They are the one's that end up stalking you, they like to lie manipulate and are looking only for a fix it arguing with you. It's true they exist as a guy I can tell you those are the type of friends you end up dropping because they end up talking to your girlfriend and causing drama.

    I know you said your over him but De-friend him on Facebook. Don't talk to him anymore it is just best to let him go and let sleeping dogs lay.

    • Oh, Yeah, I blocked him a while ago right after that fight. Told him he was insane. Lol!

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  • did he ever sleep with you when he was depressed? he sounds really needy, demanding, and controlling...he's looking for a stable go-between-girl right now

    • No, we never slept together.

      He did ask if I wanted to, I said I wasn't ready but that was like months and months before we broke up. He was really respectful of that though.

  • Trihill...darn you..you always say my answers before me :) I was just about to say he's looking for a fall back girl since he will be moving closer to you..he's trying to take advantage of leftover feelings..i say be friendly and with a huge smile on ur face, tell him you don't wanna meet up with him.. :)


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