Boyfriend for 12 years always have resentment he broke up with me in December blocked me off of everything. I want to send an email?

I did not contact him after only once saying hello until I knew I was blocked. So want to send an email should I and if so what should I say? This is the email I was thinking...
Hey there!
Some random man came up to me at work and mentioned he was at your warehouse. I was a little taken back since it's been awhile but was a happy to hear your name and I was just wondering what's new and how you are. I also wanted to apologize regarding the situation inadequate feelings are unhealthy and I'm a little embarrassed with the negativity on my part. But You know I'm a good person and have good intentions so I just wanted to make amends. :)


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  • What's the point of all this? He doesn't want to have anything to do with you hence why he blocked you. You trying to reach out to him further supports that he's doing the right thing since you're not getting the message. I'm sorry to say, but it's over and you need to start concentrating on the present which he is no longer part of.

    • Yes true. I honestly feel like someone died out of my life I don't know 12 years is a long time and I just want that closure and want some type of relationship even if it's not dating I truley miss his presence u no. It's a lot easier said then done when you pretty much grew up with that person and then to just cut it off it's hard but I def see what you are saying.

    • I get you, breakups suck like nothing else and I cannot imagine what it's like to have someone you've been with for 12 years walk out of your life. Most I've had to deal with is my ex of a year and that was a horrible experience. However, I got through it even though at times the only thing I could think about was her. Give it some time and he'll slowly start to fade out of your life and I know that scares you because you don't want him to fade, but it really is for the best and you'll be so much happier and better off when you allow yourself to accept that he and you will never be close again and that now he really is just a person you used to know (sorry to sound cheesy).

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  • can i ask what happened for the break up to happen otherwise you can try but only outcome i see is he will ether ghost it, reply with something nasty , replay with a response your looking for or ignore it. all depends if he still wants you in he's life

    • Evrytime we break up he blocks me off evrythhin. months come I contact him saying can u watch the dogs or a closure email &boom back together. He has a business w/ his twin bro &it was always shaky they dealt w it through alcohol sometimes recreational drugs. I didn't work august-November so went out evry night just was in a different immature mindset. I do blame part of me 4 breakup because of how I acted. Now I have a good job, bought a brand new car, go 2the gym &really a completely different mindset.
      but recently some guy randomly came up 2me at work and said "are you toms ex gf?" I said yes why? "well I was just at his warehouse he said if I knew u& that you were a good girl to say hi so I called his twins ex who weirdly broke up with his ex girlfriend same day (they always feed each other egg each other on) she said "weird because I just got a Facebook message 2days ago from Bryan". I was like what? He apologized &that tom and him split the business dnt talk&have there own warehouses now.

    • well if wanna be together with him or not no harm in sending one i guess

  • Best if you don't send him anything. If he made sure to stop any contact with you the least you can do is honor his decision.

  • Make amends how? I'm sure he'll accept your apology

    • Of course I accept. There's no ill feelings. How do you intend making it up to him? :-) I intrigued

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