Would you break up with your SO over this?

My boyfriend doesn't clean his room. Ever. Its disgusting, i had to nag him for two weeks before hed wipe his windowsill down after i saw mould growing on it! Mould!

He keeps saying his room is a representation of his mind, cluttered and disorganised.
I say its a bad representation of him. Lazy, dirty and unambitious.

He still has the "study bunk" he and his siblings all had as kids because if he didn't he wouldn't be able to fit a bed in amongst all his shit. He has two desks because his first one got completely covered in shit. You literally can't see the floor.

No seriously. Im not saying that in the way parents say it when you drop a single shirt on the floor. You CANNOT see his floor.

He owns more books then he could ever read.
He complains of having no money then happily spends what he does have on more shit to fill his room.

And he doesn't seem to have any motivation. He spends all his time on the computer on youtube or making videos FOR youtube, or just playing games.
He works at a Salvos which is fine but its not paid work so its not getting him anywhere. So now he's not even looking for a job because he thinks unpaid work that he has to take the bus to get to (thus wasting money everyday) is good enough!

I dont know what to do. I dont want to be in a relationship where im supporting my partner just cause he's not taking any steps to do so himself, but...
I dont know what to do.

I feel like its a petty reason to break up.

What do you guys think would you break up with this?
Would you break up with your SO over this?
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