My boyfriend broke up with me because I said the truth?

I spilled the beans to a secret we promised to keep. I thought we broke up after he blocked me. I told him that I spilled the beans since I was still pissed at him. He told me the reasons why he blocked me. Then he said that I had to fix everything. I thought I did until he said that there was more to fix and I had to figure it out. I thought it was telling the truth and that actually was what ended the relationship. Then he said for me to fix it. And I'm wondering why should I fix something that was supposed to save the relationship. Then he says that he'll take me back if everything's fixed by the end of this week. I agreed to it and said on one condition. He has to tell me how to fix it. He told me to fix it by saying that it was blackmail. That's what I was doing. Then he says not to mention it and maybe it will go away. On my end, I haven't had to tell anyone else. He won't tell me what's going on for his end. We haven't talked much after that.

I want to know this:
How messed up is he?
Is he really going to do what he promised?
If things don't go the way I expect, what's a good comeback?
My boyfriend broke up with me because I said the truth?
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