Is it wrong to stop dating a woman because she's bisexual?

I've gone on a few dates with a girl, she really‚Äč likes me, she complements and kisses‚Äč me when we are together and is super sweet when I text her. I liked her just as much, but the last date we went on she told me that she is bisexual. I'm not comfortable with that and I've talked to her about it. I don't think I can get past that. I know the relationship wasn't very important but I want to know if you think it was wrong of me to end it over that.


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  • Follow your moral compass. it may or not be wrong, but being true to yourself is almost always for the best (as long as you are not hurting others). Try not to beat yourself up over it.

  • It is definitely wrong.

  • Not at all


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