Is he strange? I'm confused?

My now ex !!! Has messed my around so many times I'm starting to think he has mental problems , he has ended things with me a few times then begs and wants me back tells me he loves me and me and him forever , he told me all this and more to me with real feelings and deepness so obviously I believed him ! This time he took me to meet his family again and his father and mother we had a nice evening and I heard my boyfriend tell a family member he wants to move in with me etc... a few days after he tells me he doesn't love me ( again ) it's all
a lie etc I've had enough and now never want to go back or see him again in my life !! I feel I hate him ! He's emotionally abused my mind , he made me believe him made me love him and care ! I feel like a fool , all he ever did was make me feel bad , he would put my appearance down , accuse me of talking to other men , he withheld sex to punish me , he was jealous of who I was ! I was blind ! But he has ripped my confidence and feelings apart how do I move on now


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  • honestly just try to forget it all its very hard you'll get over it with time but someone who does that and messes with your feelings doesn't deserve you dont ever let anyone bring you down like that be confident and you will slowly heal with time im sure you are an amazing person and very beautiful everyone is special in their own way


What Girls Said 1

  • He has a lot of problems. You want someone who is kind, loving and deserving of you. He sound like a hot mess. The roller coaster you are in is not making you happy but just left in a lot of drama. Leave him alone and maybe he will do the same. There are a lot of people in the world. He is only one, a bad egg.


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