I spent 3 years with a women looked after her took her all over the world and paid lived with her for 2 years waited while she was at sea working for 6 months then she cheated on me at sea i forgave her, then she dumps me for calling her a slag... my reaction to holding it all in for 6 months I've been blocked on i message for asking to reconcile and i only get e mail contcat now if she even replys? what am i doing wrong I've pleaded and begged for 3 months and then stopped doing that but its like i was never even alive, she wears my promise ring which she let me put on her finger while she was cheating i wasn't aware until she told me some 5 months later about the cheating... am i a fool? why do i feel like the bad person every day i wake up for a women that vcheated on me then left me high and dry after all her promises and telling me she loved me? have i missed something?

no matter what i say and do there's no reaction to anything at all? I wouldn't mind she's never said she doesn't want to be with me and she came back after the fall out but then took off again 10 days later I'm lost, so this is how a converstaion usallly is any advice

ME) Just seeing your alright, don't hear anything from you at all... I'm just off out to look at vans.. hope your ok anyway.

HER) I'm just sat in the Citroen garage having my car serviced. Hoping I can come home again later. Enjoy van shopping

ME) Very good

ME) if you come home... come see me or can I come see you... please? What you say? .
ME) Love you ya know always will... let me know if we can meet up... I'll even come there if you want me to xx really miss ya ya know... do you miss me? You should text me this e mail stuff is mental.
ME) Hope you got your car sorted, I'd really love to see you this weekend if you have time, unless next week is the week your off college if that's better for you I mean I'm not saying you want to but if you do it would be nice... just saying
ME) Did you make it home ok..


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  • You've posted several times about this, I don't know what else you want people to say when everyone has given you the same advice, you're just choosing not to take it and prolonging your own misery

    • Just looking for different takes on the matter is all different point of views as I'm struggling to find the logic in her actions..

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    • That's all I'm struggling with you see.. the rejection on the support I gave her.. I mean clearly she doesn't care which is what I'm finding odd I mean that's odd right.. to do that to a partner and treat him this way after 3 years.. I can accept it's done just the normal behaviour is not there from her.. I mean she even dumped me by text and then came crawling back then took off again and it's just contact or no contact, but there's no logical adult talk trough anything to resolve anything that's what I'm struggling with and now I'm resorted to e mail contact she blocked me on everything after telling my parents and sister she wanted nothing to do with me, but then still talks to me now and again?

    • I'm sorry, I have nothing further to add that I haven't before. I'm just not interested or nor do I possess the patience to continually go over self inflicted problems but I hope you find what it is you're looking for

  • Ok where do I even start? She has emotionally finished with you I don't know if she ever did actually love or you were a easy opportunity you did say you looked after her I gathered that means financial? you were there for her when she needed you! But maybe the six months at sea gave her time to reflect on her life you calling her a slag wasn't the reason she dumped you! she already decided that! just needed a excuse to end it I'm sorry if this seems harsh but you seem like a nice guy you have to question why you would want to be with someone who would treat you like that! No woman wants a desperate man and you sound desperate my advice is cut her off completely I know it's hard but in my experience they always come back cos they wonder why all of a sudden you have stopped contacting them. Move on and give someone who deserves your attention. Good luck x

    • Ok now that makes lots of sense and yes I did support us finance wise I took us over seas paid for flights hotels food spends at least 4 times over the 3 years.. took her to Disneyland twice took her to nice France took her to Norway etc etc.. I know I shouldn't of said that name to her but it was a built up reaction I held in for 3 months caused by her actions.. and I never recovered from that and to this day she says she can never forgive me for saying that. I guess it's just got messed up and lack of communication from her side and the distance for 5 months because I waited for her for 5 months broke everything. But she went to sea April last year and when she came back in late augest she seemed different but of course she already had cheated then unknown to me. It wasn't until Feb this year she confessed that's after letting me put a promise ring on her finger and she still wears it on her hand but the other hand now

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    • Aww I'm sorry fancy chit chat? Friday night and all if your busy it's ok.. I dunno if this is ok but I use kik if you do it's just really nice to have somone to chat to?

    • apple6611 If you use kik

  • Time to let her go and forget about her. She clearly doesn't care. Open up a new chapter and move on. You should only love someone who deserves the love. One for advice, once a cheater.. always a cheater. Even if you guys are back together, you will never be able to trust her the same way and that will make your relationship toxic. Also, you should never beg! Your so should never make u beg! You should never feel guilt. Trust me you didn't go wrong in this relationship. She did and its her loss. Trust me because i have been in this situation. The man who loved me for 8 years, i cheated on. He forgave and did all he could to make things work.. but i was stupid enough not to appreciate him. Now that he is gone from my life.. I regret every moment of my existence and trust me im glad he is gone. Now at least i know that if he moves on, he will find someone better than me, who will love him genuinely.
    Anyways good luck and try to think about yourself first and assess the situation

    • Hi thank you for your input, its been 3 months for me of trying wanting to be there even after i forgave her for cheating, its like im taking the guilt and blame for her actions but she can't see that it was her doing. And the worse is this is a 27 year old women i mean im 35 but im shocked at her way of thinking for her age. Its heartbraking for me to go trough this each day and get nothing from her, but im starting to see that your right i should of never accepted cheating and maybe that was my mistake my weakness and she seen that. Everyday i try for something better with her and dont get a response, such a loss but maybe such a win i dont know but thank you

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