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i have a boyfriend and he left me about two weeks ago. i did ask him why he keep silent and the only reason he give was about business matter. he said he can't controlled me when he in business. he messed up. i try to understand him and give him a space but at the same time im fucking hurt. if he really loves me he didn't do it. left me without a word. but then i ask him when he think this mess will end? he answered when he ready to get me back. what should i do? just wait for him to get back or what?


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  • Hey girl you should move on and never beg someone to love you it's self respect...

    Whatever work it is must always be discussed and can always be communicated ryt?

    Moreover, even if he come back like a month or a year after, i guess there won't be that attraction that used to be between you two

    Waiting hurts more than anything, i know, find some activities spiritual and physical n occupy your mind with something else

    I guess I've said a lot.

    • thank you for ur support. i almost forgot about 'self respect' when i lose myself. now i begin to get myself out of this drama. i am so done. tq

    • My pleasure

  • From the paragraph you wrote, I'm guessing... that you have a lot more invested (emotionally) than he ever did. I mean, the relationship between the two of you means a hell of a lot more to you than to him. I don't mean that he doesn't care, just not as much.

    But I could be way off base.

    Also, his being silent can be a way of maintaining control. He doesn't say anything, you ask him what's going on, he doesn't exactly answer, you end up begging him not to shut you out, etc.

    And I am sorry that you're hurting now. I don't think you did anything wrong.

    • thank you for ur opinion. i am so much agree with ur point. i've done a lot of effort thinking of this silence problem rather than him. That's the only thing that i don't understand with guy. then i think i will just play with his own drama. Keep silent too.

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  • Is his work been causing some issues and stress lately? Maybe he feels like their is a lot going on in his life and he can't balance work and a relationship with you

    Whatever you feel like doing. You could move on or wait for him

    • thank you for ur opinion but honestly im missing him so much.. moving on is hurt but im scared to give my heart to him again as he will doing the same thing again in other times. i just want him to take a lesson from what has happened and appreciate me more 😔 and i dunno what to do..

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    • Yes that's a good idea! thanks!

    • no problem :)

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