Missing my girlfriend 😢😑?

My girlfriend left me on some genuine reason (no one's fault) and I can't stop missing her and after a silence of 20 days i txted her "hey how r u?" (coz i was missing her too much) she didn't replied and after two more messages she said: "why u txted me?" I was hurt by that question coz i loved her too much and i replied "sorry I won't again" and I'm still missing her badly... What should I do?


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  • Missing someone is painful , coz you feel a sense of loss , but if she doesn't want contact with you then you have no other choice but to move on.

    Try to keep active and busy , cut contact with her so you don't keep pining after a girl who doesn't have a place In her life for you.


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  • try moving on she doesn't want you stop being a beta male and just leave her alone


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  • It depends why you guys broke up. If there is no chance of getting back with you you need to try accept that and move on. If there is a chance give it one last go, explain you're sorry (whatever you did) and see her level of forgiveness.

    • This is fine but OP needs to understand that he needs to break contact and never speak to her again so his brain can recover. He is going through 5 stages of grieving and it can last up to a year but at least he will move on.

    • Yeah I know. Either way.

    • Thanks mates and it was not my fault and we can't patch up again i guess so i think I've to move on... Thanks anyways☺️

  • i know how exactly ur feeling.. but here just my little advice.. if u think she's broke up with u bcs she's religious, then u have nothing to be worried about. just have faith in ur self. work harder and aim to marry her. bcs in this stage she might not be thinking of anyone's feeling including her feeling. so you just keep work on urself. don't give up!

  • What's the reason? if you don't mind

    • To be honest she is a religious girl or have become recently and as per the religion no boy girl should talk before marriage or at least to the extent we did...

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    • Obviously she has already moved on. So it's about time for you to move on too. Have fun with your friends and family. Travel and go to places you've never been.

    • Thanks...

  • Get something to keep you busy

    • I've to study, I'm on job but i can't do anything right

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