Is he flirting with me?

i was hanging out with this guy at a party and we were outside and it was getting dark so we sat down on a blanket. he laid down and pulled me down next to him, so that I was lying on his shoulder. there were a lot of people there, but he still held me next to him and would rub his hand up and down my arm or brush his leg against mine. I thought he was flirting with me, but I think he is in a relationship with someone else. there were other girls who he is friends with at the party as well, but he seemed to treat me differently than them. do you think he would have acted this way in front of all of those people if he had a girlfriend? and if you think he was flirting with me, should I tell him to stop if he has a girlfriend or was it harmless and I should just let it go?


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  • if he has a gf, just let it go you don't want to get into a sticky situation

  • avoid him


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