We broke up. She dont talk to be. She says we are just friends and still wanna move in with me what should I do?

Me and my ex juat broke up a few weeks ago. Because of my insecuritys and jealousy towards people that she talks every day and night.
When we broke up, she said that we are friends and atill wanted to move in with me and leave at the same house. But when i asked her if i can have some hopes on getting back she raged and only said that she doesn't know. And that fact is driving me crazy. Because i dont know if i must wait and see or move on with my life.
I still love her very much and care about her. And when we used to be together everything was great. Something in me is saying to not give up. To give her room to breath. And wait and see. But this pain and doubt are killing be. What should i do in your opinion?
Ps: sorry for the bad English

  • Should i move in and act like her friend?
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  • It's too soon to move back in, since you both are still dealing with the feelings that are caused by the breakup. Wait a bit longer if you truly want to keep her as your friend.

    • The movie will only happend in September. And she's the one saying to move in.

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    • I will follow your advice and most of all try clear my head

    • That's a great thing. Good luck :) Now's indeed the time to sort your mind.

  • I wouldn't let her move in


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