Is this girl being unreasonable?

This is semi-related to my last question.. I'm sort of rephrasing it.. But I'm going to more specifically focus on the actions of the girl/exe in this whole situation. Basically, my friend is in a situation in which he's still close friends with his exe girlfriend and she's basically told him not to look at other girls in any sort of sexual way. Him having an extremely high sex drive makes this extremely difficult for him to do. He still really likes her, and he doesn't like her feeling jealous (which is why she doesn't want him looking at anyone else).. Or any sort of bad emotion.. Since they're still really close friends and any good friend doesn't want to see their friend upset... But! This girl is his exe.. So from how I understand things.. It's really not her place to be saying that he can't look at other girls. It's one thing if they were still dating.. But they're not.. (and for a good reason if you ask me..) but still! Isn't this girl being completely immature in that sense? How is she going to tell her exe to not look at anyone? It simply isn't her place to be doing that. What do you think though? Agree or disagree with me? Why?
I completely agree with you 💯👌🏼
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Please just answer the question people 😓 The question isn't what he should do about it... It's if this girl is being unreasonable in the sense that she doesn't want him looking at other girls when she's his exe. So is it fine for her to tell him not to look at other girls or isn't it? Is it not her shot to call? Or is it? That's what I need an answer to 👌🏼
Is this girl being unreasonable?
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