Should I get a divorce?

My wife and i have been mattied for nearly a year and have a 6 month old baby. Since before the baby was born all we do is fight about stupid little things. I'm not happy, but im terrified that if i leave her she won't let me be part of our daughters life. I also have fallen in love with another woman whom I've been friends with for a ling time.


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  • Smh, you're older than me but act like a child. Act like the grown man you are supposed to be and put effort into your marriage. Grow some fricking balls and quit whining like a kindergartner. You shouldn't be already liking someone one else when you have only been married a year.

    This is why the human race disgusts me, instead of trying to work things out, people want to take the easy way out.

    • whining... kindergartener... i may ask for your opinion but without you knowing every in and out of my relationship for you to make such unnecessarily rude comments... let me put this in language that may better fit your immature mind... go eat a bag of dicks you twat waffle... I've been with this woman for 5 years attemting to work out our relationship since the loss of our first child so my real question very clearly has gone far above your understanding of how life actually works

    • 5 years of trying work things out. Dude, if you really didn't love her anymore, then why the hell did you even put the ring on her? Big whoop, you can swear. That make you feel any better?

  • Well it seems like you're already invested on the new lady, you can always work around the parental schedules if you end up divorcing.. if you're not fully committed to that person any more she deserves the truth, and cheating behind her back is just gonna open a wbole can of worms.. do what makes you happy, bickering at home isn't giving you that time to love one another anymore.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, screw the kid. Who cares anyway...

    • ... um...

    • Sarcasm, dude. Try to fix things up. You're not a teenager, about to dump his girlfriend. You have a kid. Think about her. Besides, there must be a reason why you got married.

    • good tail and a baby

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