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So Im with the guy who told me he loved my sister from way back and just liked me before we knew we were having a baby , after we found out I was pregnant he wants to told me that i was the love of his life and that he wanted to marry me am I wrong for not wanting nothing to do with him only be the father for my kids from a distance? Can someone give me any advise I dont hate him but am i being selfish for separating the family or


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  • You did the right think. He loved your sis, you find put you're pregnant, and now he loves you? FAKE FAKE FAKE. Run as fast as you can.
    By the way if you knew he loved your sis, why did you sleep with him and didn't use protection? I'm not judging you. Babies are blessings.
    But as I said, let him be father far away from you, just for your own good for now, at least with that you'll know if he's a good father or, coming to spend time with the baby, taking care, etc (You know what I mean)

    • Thank you never knew he was a good acter

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