What should I do when my boyfriend comes home? what would the guys out there like??

he went on vacation with his folks to the east coast and we have both been missing each other terribly and he will be back in 8 days. do you guys out there have any ideas on what I should do when we see each other? we plan to hang out alone downtown. how should I greet him to show that I missed him? do you have any sweet ideas? I would love to hear them. please and thank you!
we have already planned to meet as soon as he gets home but what should I do exactly that will show without me having to say it how much I missed him and how glad I am to have him home. any ideas?
thanks you guys. I like your answers they are very simple and easy and I will use them while adding my own touches to them. thanks again!


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  • This is completely based on my personal opinions, but I would want the first face I see when I got back is my girlfriends... I would want nothing more than that.

  • a big hug an kiss waitin as soon as I step off the plane is all I would want

    sorry if that's too simple, but really, just seeing my girl after a long time would make my day

    good luck, but as long as you are there waitin I don't think he'll be dissapointed


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