What to do now after a fight?

Long story short, I got into a fight with my partner. It started with him texting about needing a job. I asked him what about the retail job he had been wanting to go to the interview for the past month. He said no, he wanted a job that fit his degree and plus he felt lazy about going to the interview. I offered to help him find a job in that field when I have internet access. He says no, he would have someone else help.

I wanted to be encouraging about that retail job b/c 1. I knew he did want it, 2. he did express it last night, 3. I figured his laziness changed his decision to go 4. he even told me I should apply to that job and go to the interview. I only asked one more time suggesting to go to the interview since today was the interview and last night he mentioned about going. He comes out of nowhere saying that I disrespected his decision about wanting to find a job in his field, that I was dwelling in the past about what he said. I told him that today was the first he decided he no longer wanted the retail job, and that his comment was not true when he just now today does not want the retail job and nowhere did I disrespect him about getting a job in his field; I freaking offered to help!!

I accused him of messing with me, b/c he kept accusing me of disrespecting him and I called him an asshole. He tells me that I needed to go to a psych ward, etc especially when he knew I had a therapist appointment today just to try it out and see it it was worth a shot. I sent the initial messages to my friends to ask if I did anything wrong. They both said no. One of them said she really didn't like him. I only sent back one of the responses to him to show him he was being oblivious to his behavior, and it was the one that expressed she does not like him. I also showed the counselor and told him I had her read it.

Anyways, we're not talking or texting. I was severely confused, because I had nothing but good intentions and I wanted to courage and support any decision.
I feel bad that I involved other people into our fight, but I honestly felt like I was going crazy b/c i didn't think I said anything wrong. He even told me during the fight I wasn't wrong. but he still chose to be a jerk.
He kept insulting me and throwing jabs at me. I told him to stop disrespecting me because I wasn't going to throw his weaknesses back at his face. I felt like he was throwing my weaknesses back at my face.


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  • honestly he probably had a bad day and took it out on you, at least that's what it seems like

    • Was me showing the messages to my friends and sending the responses back to him a shitty thing to do? I wasn't thinking and I felt so clueless to the sudden reaction he gave me; I didn't understand what I did wrong.

    • I don't think you did anything wrong but that doesn't mean he took it as support and rather he took it as an insult

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