Hate being lonely?

I'm pretty much the type of person that wouldn't admit anything was wrong no matter how much it hurt to do so because I hate showing weakness. but on the other hand it's so lonely sometimes since my divorce that I seriously consider just blurting my feelings out to the nearest stranger just so they can tell me to shut up and get lost. at least that would be some sort of interaction


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  • my wife of 22 years died of cancer 6 months ago it's been very lonely I spoke to a psychologist about it made me feel better I know she would want me to move on and find someone but I'm not at that step yet I'm sure I will be soon if you are divorced you're not getting back with your ex it's time to move on there are plenty of women out there

    • I agree and I'm sorry for your loss however moving on can't ever really happen until you can close the chapter of the one you lost. it's pretty hard to move on after pouring your soul into relationship just to be stabbed in the back and abandoned after 11 years

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    • yeah you're right. But it's pretty much the worst case of Catch-22 because you can't move on without getting over it and it's really hard to get over it without moving on

    • yeah but do you want me to give you an honest answer I just gave you one or do you want me to tell you man up be a man and suck it up buttercup I don't think you want that you have to make the choice to move on and by getting rid of all the things that remind you of her you're giving yourself a symbol that you want to move on

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