3rd break up. ... we attend the same college. ... I was a text gnat for the first two break ups and still he ends up breaking up again with different reasons. .. Now I know I had my own part in the bad relationship. .. but I realised I'm tired of being pathetic begging for love.. .. and I'm doing very well at moving on. .. but I want to make him jealous. ... esp in class and no I don't want the "flirt with a guy "type of jealous. .. i want the "make him jealous with that hair flip "Nd I heard he's badmouthing me but I don't really care tho. ... Guys what makes you jealous? The guy is just so stubborn and thinks he's the most perfect guy on earth to date. ... help anyone


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  • both guys and girls beg. it depends on who ends the relationship, the one begging is the one trying to bring them back together. making him jealous will only let him know that you still think about him.

  • My word I've got a ex the same only I begged for 4 months now

    • You begged her? My ex just proved to me that guys don't beg.. .. He's ego is bigger than Kim K ass

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    • No problem it's true though.. in my eyes a women should have your upmost respect and be treated like gold

    • Anger issues to.. honest go out find a more mature guy what are you like 19? If so aim for s guy about 24 with a job normality somone happy with there self and they will respect you young guys want one thing pussy there not long term till they mature

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  • hey there, i really really hope you understand this bit of advice, no matter how much his actions have stirred you to a point of now feeling a power of retaliation. Golden rule is NO CONTACT, they feed from any energy you project, begging coming from willingly offered in a sense to revenge tactics willingly offered, the most effective way of a karmic type sense is to cut off his supply from you, on a really spiritual level it is even said by mere thinking of him you are emitting energy across the cosmos to him. Nothing can empower you more than turning off that switch xx

    • Awwn thanks.. ... just that I really hate this feeling of regret. ... i regret ever saying yes to dating him

    • OK you are 19 im 46 and im glad you know now so in your lifetime you have experienced a great lesson so early on that will protect you forever... for me the last three years have been hell... and i can relate at self anger like wtf was i thinking, wtf but the reasons we continue is because we are the ones with the kinder nature and compassion, the lesson for us is to realise in life some mother f... s out there are void and its our own responsibility to manage our ability to give with due care for oneself xx you have learned all this for a brighter safer evolved future whereas that twat has learned sweet f... k all hunny, well done you xx

    • Thanks dear.. ..

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