Is it time for giving up on love?

It's over story of me and my love... we got into fight 2 days ago and I've been asking him about taking off today in order to go and visit him and his family but unfortunately his mom and sister went to their friend house so I cancelled day off for today and made it for tomorrow. However when I wrote him earlier today and when I said I missed him he wrote me things like " just stop, it's enough, your love is a lie and it's enough for trying anything "... i never proved anything for anyone in my entire life and my love isn't a lie but I said for him " okay, done. anything else yo majesty and I said I'm stupid for changing off for tomorrow so I can visit you and told him to take care ".
I definitely won't go for visit tomorrow.. if my love is a lie and I'm that bad then I don't worth his company then what's the point to make it work
Is it time for giving up on love?
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