He is texting me 4 months after a break-up and flirting. What is he up to?

We had a very strong and mutual attraction, but after a month of dating he told me that he doesn't want to have a relationship in the workplace and he broke up with me. We have never had any argument, he told me that he liked me a lot and that was an uneasy decision for him. Sometimes he texted me or we had a coffee at work, but only in a friendly manner. Now he is in a different town and started to text me and he flirts with me a lot. Some time ago a weird thing happened, some random fake profile (only one profile photo was only 10 mins old) sent me a friend request on FB, but request was recalled and profile deleted one hour later. I'm sure that he did it, because he started to text me out of the blue that day (my intuition). I have feelings for him, but I'm scared of being hurt in case if he is just playing mind games with me.

What does this mean? Does he want to get back?


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  • Ask him directly if he wants to date you with the goal in mind of starting a relationship and see how he responds.

    Good luck.

  • he might want you back

  • Don't respond

    • Why? But I want him back, still having feelings for him

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